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Founded in 2006, Legacy Real Estate Brokers has grown to become Dubai’s top privately owned and operated real estate agency. From its inception, the agency has played a key role in promoting Dubai Freehold Property market in the Asian and European continent. Legacy Real Estate has grown tremendously alongside this explosive market and consequently has acquired a clear insight into local business practice.

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing or just want some information or advice on managing properties .our professionals at Legacy Real Estate Brokers would always be willing to assist you. We provide our customers with accurate and concise information on all the projects of freehold and leasehold developments. As a group, we are able to conduct business in a number of languages and provide specialized representations for every type of real estate transaction.

At Legacy Real Estate we attract and retain a better management staff, which gives the company a marketing edge.” Training is essential in today’s real estate market”. The industry changes on a regular pace. Regular training sessions are held so as to keep our staff on their edge in their fields and increase their marketability. This is one way we demonstrate and share our expertise.

Legacy Real Estate focuses solely on the requirements of our clients and achieves high levels of satisfaction for them via close-knit teamwork and understanding on our part. In fact, nearly 45% of our clients are referred to us by previously satisfied clients.

With a powerful portfolio position in Dubai residential and commercial developments, an excellent reputation in the local resale environment and enviable relationships with Dubai’s best project developers gives Legacy Real Estate customers access to the ultimate in prestined offices, apartments, and villas both in the UAE and beyond.

Investors have come to expect a personalized, professional, one-stop service, while those moving to Dubai for the first time are able to take advantage of a decade of expertise and unique orientation guidance when they arrive.

Legacy Real Estate also supports investors and home-owners through the financing process via its local banking partners and is partnered with a team of respected UAE legal professionals to help with your legal queries. We provide everything needed to take a stake in the most attractive investment and leisure destination in the world.

Our Vision
To be a trendsetter in real estate services by exceeding customer expectations.

Our Mission
Aggressively pursue the business to provide exceptional customer service and to build lifetime relations with our customers

Our purpose
To be an optimum business entity for the real estate industry and to optimize relationship, service, and profitability.
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